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COVID-19 Information

Updated 20 September 2021

Auckland moves to Alert Level 3 at 11.59pm Tuesday 21 October.

The rest of NZ stays at Delta Alert Level 2 with gatherings of 100.




  • At Alert Level 3 you can hold a funeral, tangihanga or burial but these are limited to 10 people. 

  • Formal tangihanga involving large gatherings cannot take place at Alert Level 3. Families and communities must not carry out funerals themselves.

  • Only a registered funeral director can handle the deceased

Please visit the for more information. 


  • Gatherings of up to 100 people indoors, for example an indoor funeral or tangi at a marae are permitted. This does not include staff.
  • Gatherings of up to 100 people outdoors, for example a burial or internment are permitted. This does not include staff.
  • Physical distancing requirements of two metres is required.
  • Face covering are mandatory by those attending a funeral or tangihanga and staff.
  • Infection control measures must be in place during the funeral or tangihanga to protect people from COVID-19.
  • It is mandatory for funeral directors to display an official NZ COVID Tracer QR code.
  • Funeral directors are also required to keep a register of all persons entering the funeral home for the purposes of any viewing or religious/cultural rituals which take place. This register should include:
    • exact day and time the viewing took place
    • full names of all those viewing
    • the viewer’s current physical address, email address, and mobile phone number.
  • The duration of indoor gatherings should be minimised – less than two hours is recommended.
  • If a viewing of the deceased person or tūpāpaku is being held in a private dwelling, marae, church, community hall, mosque or the like, there can be multiple viewings for groups of up to 100 people at any one time.
  • These limits exclude workers such as kaikōrero, kaikaranga, members of the clergy and the funeral director.
  • A two metre distance is required between household bubbles. It is recommended you avoid harirū, hongi, kissing, and hugging.
  • A defined space is an indoor or outdoor space with walls or partitions (whether permanent or temporary) that substantially divide that space from other spaces, or an outdoor space where there is more than two metres between all members or separate groups.

Please visit the for more information. 

Please contact your local Funeral Director who will be able to assist you during this difficult time with the planning and preparation of a funeral or tangihanga. 

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